Name: Shuji Hamamoto

Born: Feb 25, 1955 in Hiroshima, Japan

Moved to Hawaiʻi in 1997, Shu2 discovered the joy of painting while living life surrounded by nature, in a world abundant in lights and colors. He studied art for 5 years at the University of Hawaiʻi, and started on a new journey in life as an artist. His artwork reflects the liveliness of the Tropical Islands and has received numerous awards, and are displayed at local galleries and restaurants.

“Art is Long, Life is Short.”
Each piece is created, with the hopes that people can find impression and peace of mind, and to be loved for an eternity.

Hawaiian Name: Uhu
English Name: Parrotfish

Uhus (Parrotfishes) are found around coral reefs in tropical oceans. They have a parrot-like beak and grind the old coral. Then it goes through their digestive systems and gets deposited in the reef as white sand.